The Chamber offers its community a selection of networking and exclusive events, both live and virtual, that facilitate the opportunity for community members to connect with leaders and decision-makers in their sector of operation, thought leaders who share their insights on the current state of play in Sudan and how new reforms and market transformations will impact doing business in Sudan..


EThrough a series of Roundtable Events, ECCS addresses a multitude of topics that influence foreign policy and provide valuable insights into the current state of play in the Sudanese Market and the reforms and changes that are leading the way in re-invigorating Sudan’s economy into the global economy and re-establish channels of international trade.

One-On-One Facilitated Meetings

As part of the European Chambers value offer to their members, ECCS facilitates introductions with industry leaders and major decision-makers at our offices. This service is also offered to non-members at a one-time cost, however, often connections are made through our Member Directory/ ECCS Connect which is limited to Members Only. If you would like to set up a meeting with a local Sudanese Authority or Company, reach out to us today and we will source an introduction and facilitate a meeting in our Khartoum Offices. Furthermore, if you require assistance in conducting Due Diligence Research, we will provide you with a market insight report, legal and advocacy support throughout any negotiations or deals born from this meeting. 

Chamber Supported Events

ECCS participates in several events in Sudan that further support the growth and development of Sudan’s private sector, such as the Khartoum International Fair. If you have an event that you believe would be of interest to our community, please feel free to contact our team at

European Conferences (Sponsored Events) 

ECCS is a valued participant of many European Industry and Policy Changing conferences, either as a sponsored coordinator that provides unique insights into the current state of play in Sudan and has direct access to a pipeline of those who would be interested in pursuing the opportunities presented by trade shows and economic conferences.  As a member of ECCS, you will have early access to book for any number of European Conferences, as ECCS will expedite this process for you and will supply you with a quarterly report with all the relevant European Conferences in your sector of operation.   ECCS is currently in the process of helping with the Paris Conference that will be hosted by President Macron in Paris, May 2021. The Main Objective for the Paris Conference is; Communicate to Foreign Investors and Market Leaders that Sudan is back in play with the rest of the International Community. The Conference hopes to act as a political signal to the international Heads of States around the World that Sudan has now opened back up for business opportunity and that the Sudanese People are capable and ready to work with international business markets and investors.