Statement of H.E Ambassador Robert van den Dool

Former Head of EU Delegation to Sudan

As Sudan emerges from decades of isolation, re-establishing business and economic relationships with the world, and particularly Europe, it becomes a matter of importance and a success factor on the pathway towards democracy.

The Transitional Government, in collaboration with the private sector, has embarked on a major policy reform effort with an eye on creating a healthy business environment that is attractive to both national and foreign investments.

As exchanges between European and Sudanese markets remain on the lower side, the European Chamber of Commerce has a crucial role to play in helping businesses gain access to both markets.

Beyond organizing or facilitating trade missions, participation in fairs, and establishing relationships across markets, the ECCS can also facilitate conducting basic due diligence for European financial institutions that want to open up for Sudanese companies, or want to invest in Sudan.

I believe in all the benefits that a dynamic ECCS can bring to its members, but also to the Government of Sudan as its services will contribute to improving bilateral trade relationships.

Statement of Executive Director

Khalid M. Ali

The European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan (ECCS) is positioned uniquely at the intersection of the interests of the private, public, and development sectors in Sudan and Europe. A membership-based organization, ECCS provides market insights and business development services to European businesses interested in the Sudan market. Sudanese private sectors interested in working with Europe also benefit from ECCS services. The European Business Organizations World Wide Network recognizes ECCS as the official voice of European Businesses in Sudan. The European Union Delegation in Sudan also backs ECCS.


Vision, Mission
& Values

Our Vision

ECCS’ vision is to reconnect and strengthen the relationships between the European private sector and other stakeholders and their counterparts in Sudan, providing a unified, independent, and influential voice for European and Sudanese businesses across all industries and service sectors in the Sudanese market.

Our Mission

We aim to improve market conditions in Sudan by providing accurate accessible information on legislation and economic trends to all stakeholders, in order to promote, advocate and protect the interests of European businesses and investors in Sudan. This is through fostering greater market access to increase trade between Sudan and Europe, and strengthening European and Sudanese economic relations to help align European investments with opportunities in Sudan and vice versa.

Our Values

  • Member-Centric
  • Independent
  • Fact based


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest governance level and is responsible for overseeing strategies, business planning, and monitoring the operation. The current board of directors is composed of three prominent Sudanese business people, and representatives of three European companies that have a presence in Sudan, and is chaired by the Head of the EU Delegation to Sudan.

Ambassador Robert van den Dool

Chairperson of the board

Former head of the EU Delegation to Sudan

EU - Founding member and chairperson of The European Chamber of Commerce.

Anthony A. Haggar

Vice Chair of the board

CEO of Haggar Holding Co. Haggar

Founding member and director at The European Chamber of Commerce.

Abda El Mahdi

Board member

Managing Director at Unicons Consulting Ltd.

Founding member and director at The European Chamber of Commerce.

Yousif Eltinay

Board member

CEO, United Capital Bank

Founding member and director at The European Chamber of Commerce.

Stanislas Smialek

Board member

Director of AGS in Sudan

Founding member and director at The European Chamber of Commerce.

Ahmed Abbas

Board member

General Manager at Ericsson AB, Sudan

Founding member and director at The European Chamber of Commerce.

Ahmed O. Eldirdiri

Secretary of the Board

Managing Partner, DirNour & Co. Law Firm

Buri Allamab, Khartoum, Sudan

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