Jean Michel Dumond visit to ECCS

In preparation for the Paris Conference on Sudan, the French Envoy to Sudan, Ambassador Jean- Michel DUMOND, accompanied by H.E Emmanuelle BLATMANN, the French Ambassador to Sudan and delegations from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU Delegation to Sudan visited the offices of the European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan where they held a planning meeting with ECCS.

The French Envoy reaffirmed France’s commitment to supporting the transition in Sudan, and also highlighted the growing interest of European companies to explore business opportunities in Sudan.

ECCS confirmed it’s interest in the Paris conference, and it’s readiness to share insights about doing business in Sudan with the conference atendees.

The Paris Conference on Sudan is planned to take place on 17th of May, and is expected to attract government officials as well as business people and other non- state actors.

The European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan (ECCS) is a not- for- profit company that focuses on re-creating linkages between European and Sudanese economies.

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