Membership Benefits

Exclusive access to working-level and high-level officials in both Europe and Sudan.

Have a platform upon which you can share experience and ideas with others in your sector.

Participate in and benefit from collaborative projects by joining public-private partnerships, capacity-building initiatives, contributing to ECCS Research & Publication, provincial out-reach visits and joint activities

Have the exclusive chance to be introduced and hold a facilitated meeting with representatives from key think tanks, chambers, associations, incubators, accelerator, investment firms and other NGOs.

Be among the first to learn about key emerging issues and opportunities in the Sudanese Market

Through our ‘Advertise with us’ value service and member spotlights you will increase your company’s visibility by being seen by key media in Europe and Sudan who follow the European Chamber for EU-Sudan business developments.

Influence legislation and policy by contributing to the formulation of key messages in sector position papers written by ECCS, which are presented by the Chamber on your behalf to policy-makers in Sudan and Europe.

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ECCS actively promotes and supports the development of increased market growth and regulatory reform in Sudan. Through our exclusive network, European Companies and Entities will have access to effective communication and advocacy channels. Assistance in internationalizing or localizing business Act as Advocates and Lobbyists Provide Legal Assistance when Necessary

Business Intelligence

limited access to a private business directory of market actors that give a comprehensive view of Sudan’s current business and market actors and who the major players are in each sector. ECCS Publications that provide analysis of policy and macroeconomic developments, as well as expert led market insights and impressions. Identification of potential partners / clients / suppliers / distributors

ECCS Publications

Market intelligence briefings and research Inside information on any and all business legislation, taxation on business, business regulations related to doing business in Sudan; investment procedures, standards etc. Updates on the latest business developments and industry trends; through issuing periodically updated newsletters and possibly elaborating a business guide that will provide information of EU financing windows.

ECCS Events

Business matching with clients, suppliers, distributors/agents, and partners Networking opportunities Arrange B2B meetings with qualified contacts Marketing and promotions opportunities

Explore our range of membership tiers to find the package that best suits you and your organization. Alternatively, ECCS offers the option of negotiating a tailored package or a one-time benefit acquisition.