What Do We Offer 

The European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan gives a Voice to its Members and treats all its Members as Partners for Change. As an ECCS Member, you will be part of an exclusive network community that represents foreign-investment enterprises of all sizes from a wide range of business sectors- operating across Sudan and Europe.

ECCS Connect

ECCS Connect is an exclusive and unique Market Intelligence Database. Access to this comprehensive database will allow ECCS Members to source potential leads, partners, clients, suppliers, and distributors. Through ECCS Connect members can:

  1. Network directly with other members in their industry.
  2. Access a database of B2B contacts that will expedite the lead generation process.
  3. Promote their companies and services directly to ECCS Community. (Member Spotlights)

Sudan/Europe Onboarding

ECCS will facilitate the Sudan onboarding process for its member organizations. Members can expect:

  1. Facility and operations set-up
  2. Procurement of competent human capital resources
  3. Ensure that all compliance and policy issues are dealt with
  4. Arrange for the effective introduction of the company into the sector as a new leader of the industry.
  5. Conduct a marketing campaign after a company is set up and operational

ECCS Publications

ECCS issues periodically updated newsletters, Business Briefs, Sector Reports, and a periodically updated business guide that will provide information on EU financing windows. A reliable source of information, ECCS keeps its members updated on all new developments in Sudan's comeback story, new trade laws, European trade regulations, and market updates. ECCS Publications help you make informed decisions and keep you updated on:

  1. Economic reform
  2. Industry development
  3. Investment opportunities
  4. Foreign trade policy & updates

ECCS Events

ECCS hosts informative and insightful events that seek to provide a clearer picture of the reality of doing business in Sudan.

  1. ECCS facilitates One on One introductions and meetings with industry leaders. 
  2. ECCS keeps members updated on the latest trade fairs, conferences, and events in both Europe and Sudan. They facilitate their member's attendance at these events and offer exclusive invitations to VIP Conferences and events.

Advocacy/ Consulting

ECCS will advocate on the behalf of their Members for favorable policy changes and even facilitate government contracts that will expedite the process of doing business in Sudan. ECCS will assist in internationalizing or localizing business Act as Advocates and Lobbyists and provide Legal Assistance when necessary.ECCS offers its members consultations into doing business with Sudan and Europe and what best practices are, where development opportunities exist, and how to engage with the industry effectively.