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Robert Van Doole

President of EU Delegation Statement

As Sudan emerges from decades of isolation, re-establishing business and economic relationships with the world, and particularly Europe, becomes a matter of importance and a success factor on the pathway towards democracy. The Transitional Government, in collaboration with the private sector, has embarked on a major policy reform effort with an eye on creating a healthy business environment that is attractive to both national and foreign investments. As exchanges between European and Sudanese markets remain on the lower side, the European Chamber of Commerce has a crucial role to play in helping businesses gain access to both markets. Beyond organising or facilitating trade missions, participation in fairs, and establishing relationships across markets, the ECCS can also facilitate conducting basic due diligence for European financial institutions that want to open up for Sudanese companies, or want to invest in Sudan. I believe in all the benefits that a dynamic ECCS can bring to its members, but also to the Government of Sudan as its services will contribute to improving bilateral trade relationships.

Khalid Ali

Executive Director Letter Statement

Being the independent voice of European business in Sudan, the European Chamber presents on behalf of its members to relevant Sudanese government and agencies their key concerns and recommendation regarding regulatory environment in Sudan. ECCS’s goal is always to try to improve the business environment for our members by building stronger ties with local leaders and bringing about changes in strategically important regions and in Sudan in general that truly benefit our members. Assistance in internationalizing or localizing business Act as Advocates and Lobbyists Provide Legal Assistance when Necessary

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